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When was the legendary Super Mario born?

When was the legendary Super Mario born?

By daniele

A legendary Nintendo, Mario was born in 1981. The most widely recognized video game character. Japanese titan of video games industry Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario. Shigeru’s interest in manga encouraged him to join the video game industry in 1977 and change its focus to help and create the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Initially, this character was a carpenter named Jump man in the Donkey Kong game. As a plumber, he had to fight, alongside his brother Luigi, enemies in the sewers of New York.

The same year, Nintendo of America renamed the character Mario. Over the years, Mario has worked in many professions, such as a doctor, boxing referee, tennis referee and painter. His name refers to an Italian American landlord, Mario Segale. As the technology was not advanced now, the game depicts Mario’s character features, including wearing a blue shirt, red overalls, a moustache, and a baseball cap. Most Mario characters were designed to simplify their animation with a few pixels, so the hat was used to hide his hair and moustache to hide his mouth. His clothing (originally a blue shirt with red overalls) also has the same idea. The main idea was that Mario would be used in all of Miyamoto’s games, with different design teams adding their changes to the central character. Mario grew into 3D when graphics allowed for it, and more detail was added to his appearance. At 14, Mario adopted his definitive voice that of American voice actor Charles Martinet.

On September 13, 1985, the second game of Nintendo, “Super Mario Bros”, launched. With the release of “Super Mario Bros,” Mario became the mascot-marketing tool for Nintendo and its first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It hit the shelves; the video game industry was desperate. English actor Bob Hoskins in “Super Mario Bros” on the big screen also filmed Mario. After this flop, the same year a pornographic parody was released filming Mario was released, Super Hornio Brothers. Upon this, Nintendo bought the rights to the movie to stop its distribution. Super Mario Bros. was the most sold game for 24 years until “Wii Sports” beat it in 2009.

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