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When was the last time Sega made a console?

When was the last time Sega made a console?

By daniele

Sega started as a small company in Honolulu, Hawaii, founded in 1940. Originally, it manufactured slot machines and jukeboxes for the American Military. In 1951, company moved to Tokyo, Japan. In Japan, they crossed paths with another American company called Rosen Enterprises. In 1964, Service Games and Rosen Enterprises merged and formed well-known Sega Enterprises. From 1966, Sega started to produce their own original Arcade Machines. Periscope, Rifle and Helicopter were the first highly popular Electro-Mechanical arcade games by Sega, but it was just the beginning.

The company produced consoles and handhelds until the Sega Dreamcast flopped. Sega competed with juggernaut Nintendo with sega genesis for two generations straight and ended with the downfall of the Dreamcast. In 1999, Sega Dreamcast was officially launched in America, and it was a massive hit. It had 18 launch titles to pick from and broke the record for the company and gaming industry. It could not stand the throne, as the competition grew brutally strong with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Console entering the game. The Dreamcast was Sega’s last home console in 1993 and an end to the company’s eighteen years in the console business. Sega’s last hope is to compensate for their failure with the Sega Saturn.

Unfortunately, it was a short achievement while it lasted until Sony’s PlayStation 2 appeared and destroyed every iota of hope left for Sega at the time. The console was simply ahead of its time since it was the first console to introduce Internet support and online play. Many of its games were considered innovative, fun, and memorable. Like Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Maken X, Phantasy Star Online. In 2001, Sega announced that they would no longer produce consoles. However, Sega produced games for Dreamcast until 2007. Sega Consoles are still available for purchase on websites like eBay and Amazon. Local independent-owned video game stores may also be carrying older consoles. There are also emulators, phone apps, and new consoles with built-in games that feature 85 of the top games.

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