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What is the Pac-Man glitch?

What is the Pac-Man glitch?

By israelipanda

Also called the “split-screen level” or a “kill screen”, the Map 256 Glitch alludes to the 256th level in the first Pac-Man. On this stage, the right half of the screen transforms into a muddled wreck of numbers and letters, while the left side is typical. It is difficult to beat.

Exceptional errors happen in the other principal arcade Pac-Man titles. In Ms. Pac-Man, the screen goes clear with nothing aside from Ms. Pac-Man and the phantoms showing up. This screen gets an opportunity of showing up on levels 134 to 138; if level 142 is reached, the game will naturally reset. Ms. Pac-Man has a parted screen on map 256, yet the inescapable reset implies it can’t be reached. A similar error likewise occurs in Jr. Pac-Man, besides there are pieces of the sprites of the houses and inflatable from the cutscenes.

A deliberate, counterfeit form of the error additionally happens in the Pac-Man Google Doodle as an Easter Egg. Its notoriety prompted a game in light of the error, named Pac-Man 256.

Why It Occurs

The level counter in the first Pac-Man is put away as a 8-bit number, meaning the most noteworthy worth it can hold is 255. The level counter beginnings with 0 inside, yet for working out the organic product counter it adds 1; notwithstanding, on account of flood, adding 1 to 255 would bring about 0, and the game attempts to count organic products from 1, making the game endeavor to attract 256 natural product to the screen until it floods to 0. The outcome is the jumbled wreck on the right half of the labyrinth, on the grounds that the screen memory begins with the base, trailed by the segments from the right side.


 The right 50% of the screen contains just 9 dabs. 122 on the left half in addition to the simple 9 on the right half is 131, not anywhere near enough to advance. (The nine specks can be consumed again on every life, except you can’t get an adequate number of lives to make it to 244.) This additionally makes sense of why Ms. Pac-Man’s kill screen doesn’t naturally advance to a higher level notwithstanding the absence of spots. On the off chance that you truly do some way or another figure out how to beat it, it will go straight back to even out 1.

Random data

On a 12-in-1 Plug ‘N Play from Bandai, a “game” named Pac-Man 256 shows up (in no way related to the special 2015 game). This is a changed form of Pac-Man beginning on level 255, permitting the player to effortlessly get to plan 256.

In the mid 80s, the Map 256 Glitch (in any event, in the little gaming circles it was known about in) was for the most part alluded to as “The Schoolyard Fence”. The error was characterized as making “[…] a portion of the machine separate at the 251st [sic] rack”.

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