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What is an Arcade Game?

What is an Arcade Game?

By daniele

Arcade games are as golden as the age they were invented, none other than the 90s. The craze, sounds, lights, everything just bring you back to the memory lane of the golden age. Arcade games are just machines operated by coins. Once the fair coin is dropped in the slot, the machine will let you play the single-game accordingly. It was the simplest ride to joy land, and this is why liked and understood by many people easily. Yet an arcade game has certain characteristics, such as its intuitive control, no age specification, short level with the intent to keep the play short enough and intriguing enough for the player to try again. The highest best score on a particular game determine the playerโ€™s skills. After consecutive good scores on each round at the end of each game, the player was allowed to reach the leaderboard table until someone beat your score. The game starts getting harder with increasing levels with multiple lives.

After its discovery in the 19s, it created hype until the โ€™60s with better versions of games. It has a vast spectrum; back in the โ€™90s, most games were like old school Pacman, Galaga, Crazy Climbers, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out, Metal Slug, Captain Commande, and Strider (Hiryu). A great example was a shooter game where players are given a plastic gun to point at a screen and shoot whatever is on screen. A game named Duck Hunt revolutionized shooting games that we know today. Grand Prix, a first-person racing game, came in 1969 with arcades. After that, in the 70โ€™s wheel game, with aircraft, Space Invaders and Pacmanย 

Gave a huge profit to the gaming market. With the invention of Street Fighter and its competitive fighting game nature, many popular games started popping up, like Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Virtua Fighter, and Killer Instinct. In the mid-โ€™90s, though, the scene was slowly losing peopleโ€™s interest because many arcade games were slowly being ported over to home consoles, a cheaper and more convenient way. The decline of arcade games went out of business, and many establishments almost completely removed their arcade cabinets. In the present date arcade, gaming mostly consists of fighting, competitive, claw, or ticket games.ย 

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