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What does 256 mean in Pac-Man?

What does 256 mean in Pac-Man?

By israelipanda

The player needs to progress northward from the gradually propelling error, crossing an endless labyrinth. Simultaneously, Pac-Man needs to gather Pac-Dots and stay away from the Ghosts. Hitting a phantom or contacting the Glitch will end the game.

The player can pick three enhancers to use in each game, that will show up haphazardly on the guide, accessible to be gathered and utilized. Eating 256 spots in succession (256 Pac-Dot Chain) will cause a colossal blast that wipes the guide of phantoms.

In game, the player can gather credits, which are utilized to update enhancers and purchase new subjects (guides to play on). Credits can likewise be acquired by watching notices (in versatile). Accomplishments can likewise give credits when finished, for example, “gather 5 Tornado enhancers”.


 Ongoing interaction has a few minor contrasts. There is a multiplayer mode, and gifts are haphazardly given. To get new enhancers you need to eat Pac-Dots each run. In multiplayer, 2-4 players share a similar guide, enhancers, and so on. Players can pick various skins to recognize each other. At the point when one player bites the dust in multiplayer, a respawn 3D square will show up, like enhancers, prepared for the alive allies to gather; when gathered, one dead player will respawn.


Enhancers are intended to give the player a benefit against battling/getting away from apparitions, gathering more pellets, or absolutely getting more focuses. One enhancer is opened like clockwork, and 3 can be utilized on one game. Alongside the enhancer loadout chose, players can likewise get Power Pellets, which let Pac-Man eat the apparitions.

Each enhancer has an all the more impressive rendition and a more vulnerable variant, more vulnerable forms opened before as well as the other way around. It is encouraged to utilize the more impressive adaptations once opened. Enhancers additionally can be overhauled, either expanding the focuses per kill or the enhancer length (in a flash).

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