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What are some classic 70’s arcade games?

What are some classic 70’s arcade games?

By daniele

Although arcade games are for many a thing of the past, many current videogames owe a lot to 70s games. Many of the brands have taken their first steps on the field just showing up in front of the audience of the arcades, testing what would become the new technologies that we use every day to have fun. Arcade games offered a sense of community, competition, and intense excitement even if they are no longer accessible. Many of these can be played on alternative platforms today, ranging from home arcade cabinets from Arcade1Up and iiRcade to console ports on Switch, PC, and more. And because they’re such classics, you’ll definitely want to.

1.Space Invaders

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic video games of all time, Space Invader despite the not exactly perfect graphics and the possible improvements, it has over the years established itself as the standard of video games. A classic fixed-shooter game with an icon design both for enemy and vehicles that paved the way for those which are the new modern video games. It is no longer available on the retail market but the collectors market still retains some rare pieces of the cab.

  1. Galaxian

Namco’s shooter game, better known for its sequel, is a milestone in the videogame’s world. Although the product is a bit dated, it stands out for its innovative graphics, also compared to Space Invaders, and presents some of the best sound effects of its time. Undoubtedly Galaga it’s better than the first product, each level has been able to keep millions of kids glued to the screen, allowing them to face incredible space battles from a personal ship. Even in this case, however, the pieces in circulation are very few and are linked above all to the market of collecting.

  1. Asteroids

Asteroids is one of the 12 games in Arcade1Up’s Atari Legacy cabinet that became iconic in the 70s. Not the classic shooter-game based on confusing and exciting battles, although set as many during this period in a space-wide dimension, even if rich in setting and characters, with different aliens and planets. The aim of the game was to drive a spaceship avoiding any debris that appeared on the road, shooting at those that could not be dodged. Same discours Star Wars, the smart use of blank space has made it age gracefully during the years.

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