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Top 5 Free Games Websites For Online Gaming in 2022

Top 5 Free Games Websites For Online Gaming in 2022

By daniele

Working for hours, canโ€™t get up to have a walk, yet want to get your body rest. Nobody can deny that online games are the best source of such relaxation while working. Whatever category you want to play the game on the games on online websites will back you up. There are multiple categories of games available, even on a single website. Below is the list of such websites to beat your boredom and eliminate your curiosity regarding the best gaming websites in 2022.ย 

Addicting Games

This is an amazing website with more than 5000 games in different categories. The website is Type in the search bar your favourite game and play. These include action games, easy games, brainteasers, etc. Apart from free games, you can also upgrade to paid games by buying a game pass. The website is also available for smartphones.ย 


It is a site for multiplayer games with various features and games for free. Users can use the guest ID to play the game; no need to sign up. Miniclip has several genres of games, including action, puzzles, Arcade, etc. Some popular games are 8 Ball Pool, and Empire. If you want your data to be stored, make an account.


Kongregate is the best online gaming website for 2022. Upon completing challenges, players will achievements, earn badges, points when they have done the challenges. However, your competition will be multiplayer, and you can choose a different variety of games like Music, Shooter, Action, and Sports. So, to play and achieve points, you will need to sign in and start playing games.


Pogo is an initiative by Electronic Arts to play free online games. You must create a free account or sign in with your existing EA account for accessing the site. There are various games in Pogo like board games, card games, poker games, etc. Some of the games on the website are also available on mobile devices and tablets. However, a few games are only available for the trial version. Still, many games are completely free to access.ย is the perfect option if you are fussy. The site has some of the finest games on the internet, from puzzles and trivia to action and adventure; one will get each and everything here. The user interface is also well-managed with straightforward navigation options. While playing games, you may get some advertisements, but those can also be removed by using an ad blocker.ย 

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