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The Wandering Village review

The Wandering Village review

By daniele

Game story

In The Wandering Village game we find the character Onbu, it is a colossal six-legged beast, it is also a giant creature who loves to eat in the wild mushroom fields, nap in the soft pink flower meadows and hide it’s paws and the tail when they sleep. On Onbu’s back is the village, which is on a flat landmass plateau which makes for excellent settlement ground.

The goal of The Wandering Village is to protect Onbu and the village, it may take some time for Onbu to trust you, however as the game progresses Onbu will love you.


The planet is slowly being eroded by toxic spores, therefore the town has no choice but to start living on the back of this giant beast in order to survive. Also, during Onbu’s journey around the world, you will be able to adapt to the dangers found in new places.

How to play

While you are playing you can make the village grow, harvest berries, collect stones and cut down trees to build, and as you progress you can start collecting water, build a kitchen and assign workers to the buildings to perform some activities. Many times there are activities that need to be done quickly, for example, if you need to gather fast-growing herbs to heal poisoned villagers.


In the same way we find that each building has its purpose and they are also all different, for example, there is the doctor’s cabin that has medicinal herbs hanging outside and how the kitchen bungalow has a peak with smoke coming out of the top. The music that is in the background of the game also matches the visuals and everything else that can be seen in the game.

Watch your step

There are dangers while Onbu is walking around the planet, many times there are some unavoidable toxic spots, therefore toxic spores are a big threat to your village, these spores spread too fast and will poison your villagers if left alone, in this In any case, if you can ask Onbu to go another way, this can help a lot. These instructions or recommendations that you can give Onbu can only happen when you gain its confidence, since At first Onbu is not familiar with the village on its back.


To keep the village safe it is very important to take care of Obnu, because in case something happens, Obnu’s back is where all the village is, and it is important that everyone is safe. You have to build a special kitchen to feed Obnu and also protect it if it gets hurt.


There is also a tech tree, which has some complications, for example, the tech tree also includes a gadget that can extract Onbu’s blood as an ingredient to feed the villagers, which causes Onbu’s confidence to decrease as well as its health, which is very bad. As far as possible, you have to avoid building things that could hurt Obnu, since this makes it less trust in you.


Some inspirations can be found taken from Ghibli’s Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind, but Onbu is a completely unique creature from Stray Fawn’s brilliant design. This game is very interesting, the environment, the aesthetics and the fact that you are taking care of a giant creature make the game a great management simulator.

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