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The Spotlight Series: An EA Series Where Connects You to the Games You Emotion

The Spotlight Series: An EA Series Where Connects You to the Games You Emotion

By daniele

In this chapter of EA series, the main idea of discussion was “The Future of FPS”. And for this chat they had good guests, starting with the host and some business men of multiple big game companies’ scenarios.

Before starting the summary of this chapter, I need you to understand the meaning of some technical terms such as FPS.

What is FPS 

FPS stands for Frames per second. When we are talking about these figures, we refer to them as the framerate of a video game. And as the name suggests, it is the number of consecutive images that are displayed on screen for every second while playing.

When you are watching a video, what you actually see is a sequence of frames passing at high speed to give the sensation of movement. But what you actually see are still images being displayed consecutively, although they pass so fast that you capture it as a constant movement. This speed at which the images pass is determined by the FPS.

What is the purpose of FPS in a video game?

When you are playing a video game, the frames of the image are rendered in real time by the GPU or graphics card of your console or computer, and are instantly displayed on the screen where you see the game. And when there are many FPS in a game, the movements happening on screen look more fluid and you have more information of everything that is happening at that moment. Therefore, the higher the frame rate, the better the game will look in motion.

This is the precise reason why FPS is so important in the gaming world, especially when you’re playing genres like shooters or you’re playing online. If you have a good constant framerate, everything will go smoothly and almost in real time, while if the framerate drops you will get less information of what is happening in every second, and that can make the difference between life and death in the game.

The Spotlight Series

Now that we already have cleared these technicalities, we can continue with the chapter.  

They gathered 5 people, to speak about FPS specially in shoot games, among them testers of shooting games, self-taught programmers and designers, software engineers, game directors, and so on. And each now fulfilling an important role at EA, either as an interviewer, CEO, contributor, or general manager for companies such as DICE, DICE LA, and Respawn Entertainment.

To talk about this, they mentioned some of his biggest achievements as Titanfall, Battlelong, Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty.

Some important comments were like: 

  • The key to having a great FPS is to have a great team. And do not be afraid to take a risk. 
  • Also, having the balance between giving it a try and working with it and when enough is enough with the try, and it’s time to say no more.
  • It is important to have a story for each character to understand why it is there, how affect, will affect the game and obviously the story.
  • Being connected with the community, a great way is making activities like fanart, comics, etc.
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