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The Entropy Centre review

The Entropy Centre review

By daniele

Among the best and strangest sci-fi narratives of the year 2022 the game ‘The Entropy Center’ is included, and let’s not forget that this game is an indie game which was the creation of one person, this fact makes it quite an amazing and interesting game. Likewise, ‘The Entropy Center’ is the debut of Stubby Games, A.K.A. solo developer Daniel Stubbington.

In this game you can be in an abandoned tropical biodome on the moon with your talking gun, and suddenly the Earth literally explodes in front of your eyes, but not to worry, you can turn back to avoid it, however, to achieve this it is important Solve confusing puzzles if you’re going to power the huge space laser built for the job that has to be done.

The concept of the game can be quite quirky itself, but despite this, the game is a modern love letter to Portal, as it builds on the strengths and ideas of the predecessor in order to offer something that immediately feels family.

There are a lot of puzzles in the game, as you are in a place where no one is and you don’t know where the place is either, and each time you advance, the game becomes more challenging with more challenges.


Despite the fact that the game channels other games, such as Control’s Oldest House, Titanfall 2’s immortal “Effect and Cause” or even Halo 5, in reality the game is far from being a derivative of any of the games mentioned above, as it is one of the most fascinating and compelling indie titles this year and also provides a brilliant experience for gamers who like puzzle games.

The Game

In the game, when you rewind the Earth you can reach a laboratory to save bees, tigers and billions of lives, harnessing the entropy energy generated by problem solving tasks, however, it is up to you to stop the last event of level of extinction, since you are apparently the last person alive within the game world.


You have to find the information in the story in order to understand what is happening using computers. The game is divided into 15 acts, and around six challenges punctuated by narrations and scenarios.


You can have a variety of routes, and progress even though the game gets more and more complicated as new elements and systems are added. The game may become a very complicated puzzle to solve, however, with a lot of concentration and skill you can solve everything and reach the goal.


The game has a lot of twists and turns that keep you busy until the very end, plus precision and multiple positions are required to solve puzzles as most of the time the rewind mechanics of the game feel quite slow as well.


However, despite its complexity, the game is well worth the time, it gives us a story that stays with you, a story that not only explores the laws of science, but also explores the fragility of the human condition. And the fact that the game was designed by a solo developer makes it feel different and pretty awesome.


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