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The Case of Golden Idol review

The Case of Golden Idol review

By daniele

What is the game about?

This is a reasoning game, The Case of the Golden Idol is a game that has new and inventive ways that are relatively rare in video games. It has puzzles and a Sherlockian texture that takes place both in our own imagination and in the game itself, which makes the game much more interesting and entertaining.

The Game

The game is very interesting and captures the attention of people who are attracted to mystery just like the characters in the game. We can find that there are many personalities, not only thieves and thugs, but also members of underground societies who roam Whitehall in search of power.


Likewise, it may be questioned, what is the source of the killing curse? Is it the misfortune that accompanies the sudden arrival of wealth to any complex family dynamic? Or does it even have to do with The Golden Idol, which was found by a pair of explorers who followed a treasure map to the cache of the golden idol that was on a long-forgotten island?


Regardless of the answer, it can be understood that murder is apparently the price demanded for this artifact, as it can be deduced from the cases that relate to the treasure, which you have to investigate throughout the game process.

How to play?


We can realize that players are caught in a moment of panic, surprise or concern, however this depends on what you can deduce from the events that occur. You can also find a description of the person or object or even a keyword as well, by clicking on people, accessories, documents and searching the pockets of the characters.


The keywords can be found at the bottom of the game screen, then with these keywords that you managed to find in the descriptions of people or objects, they can be used to fill in the blanks in your detective’s report about the scene, and in this way you can tell in detail everything that happened and also how it happened.


For example, to start the case, you can find keywords like “idol” or “knife”, or even first and last names that can help you decipher the case. With all the words gathered you can find the identities of some characters and also how the murder happened. Also, while in a scene, you can find relevant mini-mysteries that you can uncover, such as which parts of a shredded will were intended for which characters.


On some occasions you may come to feel that the case is complicated and that you cannot decipher it, however, gathering all the necessary evidence you can achieve it, and begin to slowly solve one part, then another, and so on until you solve the whole thing. case about the murder, in this way you can already feel more relaxed by finding all the clues and solving the case.


Where can you play the game?


You can play the game on the go so you can touch scenes with the touch screen and built-in controls, and with the Steam Deck, you can even play it with more people, which will make it more interesting and even easier to play since you have the company of another person who can help you solve the case and gather all the necessary clues.


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