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The better Metaverse Games to Immerse in this 2023

The better Metaverse Games to Immerse in this 2023

By daniele

As we already talked in a previous installment about what the metaverse is and who is involved in making it work in the area of video games, now we will show you what is necessary to play and clearly what games to try.

What it is Need to Play Metaverse Games?

The most essential, to play, on most basic games, is the following:

  • A reliable internet connection

The faster the speed of your internet package is, the better.

  • Blockchain wallet

If you would like to play metaverse games that involve the use of cryptocurrencies or digital money. You will need a blockchain wallet

  • PC or mobile device

You will need a PC or smartphone on which to connect your headset. If you will not be using a stand-alone headset.

  • Virtual reality headset

VR gadgets can run into thousands of dollars, but you have options: from headsets connected to a PC (Valve, Sony, HTC, and HP) or console and wireless units (Oculus Quest) to Google Cardboard (which makes use of your smartphone and a cardboard viewer).

Keep this in mind so that you have no excuses when it comes to dabbling in metaverse games and so that you are well prepared to enjoy the experience.

Best Metaverse Games


  1. Prospectors

It as a multiplayer economic strategy game that takes you to the Wild West. The object of the game is to acquire gold that you can convert into the official game currency, Prospectors Gold.

  1. Alien Worlds

On this game, you have to mine Trilium (the official in-game currency) from six planets as a space explorer. Each planet has its own elected government, and your “voting rights” depend on how much TLM you stake on a planet.

As soon as you are in to the game, you get a shovel to play, but to get more TLM and better mining tools, it is best to buy your own land, or you can pay a landowner to start excavating. Even, battling other explorers and going on mining missions can also earn you tokens.

  1. Decentraland

Made it by two Argentinians, they opened Decentraland to the public in 2020. Using the MANA cryptocurrency, you can create avatars, buy wearables, and acquire real estate in this virtual space consisting of over 90,000 land parcels.

As a landowner, you can rent out lots or whatever is on it: houses, hotels, parks, cinemas, casinos, and what have you. Even, you can also earn income by organizing a concert and selling tickets, setting up an exhibit to auction off digital art, and so on.

  1. My Neighbor Alice

The game is similar to Farmville, where you can choose the crops to grow and the livestock to breed and interact with others. You also have other livelihood options like running an apiary or bee farm and later selling honey. My Neighbor Alice NFTs (which include plants, animals, houses, clothes, decor, and so on) are tradable on the Alice marketplace and other blockchains.

  1. – Illuvium

In this game, you hunt for deity-like creatures called illuvials on this alien landscape, capture them using shards, or nurse them back to health. These creatures can then help you fight other players and monsters, which number over a hundred. 

Players unearth their armor and weapons from the Illuvium environment. You earn rewards in the form of Illuvium crypto or ILV after tournaments and quests, and exchange your ILV on the IlluviDEX.


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