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The Best PC Fighting Games for 2022

The Best PC Fighting Games for 2022

By daniele

The competition and scope of fighting games continue to grow in popularity and accessibility. There are selective things in gaming that provide:

  • A high-intensity.
  • Thrill experience like a good fighting game.
  • Today there are more choices for the best fighting games than ever before.

To get safely out of such confusion, have an eye on a few top games for the year 2022 


The most content-rich fighting game of the last five years. It has an impressive, cinematic story mode and a whole boatload of unlockable to customize your favourite character that you can use in any game versus modes. There is a massive 37-character roster chock-full of Mortal Kombat classics and special guest characters like Robocop and The Joker. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate has an eight-hour epic story mode and a slew of unlockables that let you personalize your favourite character for use in any of the games versus modes. 


Like Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition consolidates four seasons’ content into a single package. Since its arcade origins, Street Fighter has been a cornerstone of the fighting game community, and Street Fighter V is no different. Due to its old-school origins, it helps you learn fighting games.


This 20-year-old complex, the high-speed classic fighting game, performs well online and creative gameplay with some retro flair. Its characters are diverse, a little crusty and don’t do much to help new players. Guilty Gear Strive is more refined with its combat, presentation, and fully voiced stage music for every character. Its online mode makes it stand.


2013’s Killer Instinct is a beloved game for its incredible rollback netcode to hyperactive gameplay that hits a perfect balance of reads versus reactions; there’s something for everyone. Killer Instinct’s combo breaker system keeps both players involved and active at every moment of the match


As a game, Skullgirls is an incredibly creative team fighter, its roster is small, but each character can provide a variety of different things to your team because it allows you to use any attack in their move list as an assist. This, a solid tutorial, and the ability to pick your team’s size make Skullgirls one of the easier team games to get into.

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