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Pokemon Unite Review

Pokemon Unite Review

By daniele

Pokemon Unite is a mix of a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game and a fan favourite. It’s a 5v5 battle to see which team is the best, just like any other MOBA.

There are three ways to play Pokemon Unite: Standard, Ranked, and Quick. Remote Stadium is a 5v5 map where both Standard and Ranked modes occur. At the same time, Quick mode has smaller maps where you can fight with 3v3 or 4v4 teams.

Pokemon Unite makes a few changes to how MOBA games are usually made. First, let’s look at the map. Most MOBAs are played on a 5v5 map with three lanes and a jungle. In theory, there are still three lanes in Pokemon Unite, but the middle lane is also the entire jungle lane.

There are a lot of other rewards to get in the game, to be honest. First, there are rewards for trainer levels. Players get rewards like Pokemon Licenses, Battle Items, Aeos Coins and Tickets, and Item Enhancers every time their trainer level goes up.

Some events and challenges require players to do certain things to get rewards. Players will pretty much get the same rewards as trainer-level rewards and rewards for new players.


The graphics in Pokemon Unite aren’t unique if we’re honest. It looks like Pokemon games on the Switch, but with a lower resolution and fewer HD textures. But the quality of the graphics in Pokemon Unite doesn’t change how the game is played, which is fine. We think the 3D graphics that look more like cartoons work well with a MOBA game.

Music and Making Sounds

All of the game’s background music is just right. The tracks make it feel like the player is about to compete in a real Pokemon League. It’s also easy to tell that the music came from a Pokemon game. When it comes to this, Pokemon fans have nothing to complain about.


There are standard settings for accessibility in Pokemon Unite. Players can change the frame rate, change the language, and turn on and off other screen settings. Also, players can play around with the control settings to make the game more or less like how they like to play. Our review of Pokemon Unite doesn’t have much else to say, so let’s leave it at that.

The game’s cross-progression feature makes it easy for many people to play. The best way to play the game is on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s good to know that you can also play it on your phone and keep your progress. That means you can keep playing the game on your smartphone after the battery on your Switch has run out.

Is it worth your time to play Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Fans who are really into Pokemon need to play Pokemon Unite. Everyone will find it interesting to play a Pokemon game in a MOBA style. Some say you have to pay to win, unfair to some players, but it’s easy to look past that. Ultimately, it’s a brand-new Pokemon experience that both die-hard fans and casual players can enjoy. You and your friends can play Pokemon Unite as a new game. It can also be a game you show to new gamers who are looking for something less serious and more fun. Plus, nothing beats a trip back in time. Our review of Pokemon Unite is over.


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