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Playstation events in 2022

Playstation events in 2022

By daniele

So far, the only major gaming event in 2022 has been the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation. Many resources have claimed the upcoming showcase by Sony. Sony is preparing some of its biggest games of the year for the reveal. Like others in the industry, Sony has a history of delaying events have the attention of major world events and news. In June 2020, the company delayed its Future of Gaming event, which revealed the PlayStation 5 to not detract any attention from the Black Lives Matter movement. After September 2020, there hasn’t been any significant trailer or news regarding the major future events until its delay to 2022. Sony PlayStation is one of the biggest gaming brands, with a family-like God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. According to recent rumours, PlayStation reportedly has an event planned for March 2022. CET reveals eye-catching updates for PS5 and PS4 titles. March 2022 event for PlayStation seems almost certain, with games like Hogwarts Legacy and God of War Ragnarok after disappointment by fans of its delay. A well-known industry insider Tom Henderson speculated the news of the march event by sony, which was later confirmed by reputed scooper Shpeshal Nick.

After confirmation by multiple sources, the two most noteworthy titles that jumped out are the RPG title set in Harry Potter’s wizarding world, Hogwarts Legacy, and the much-hyped follow-up to Sony Santa Monica’s game of the year title, God of War Ragnarok. The CEO of Warner Media also assured that both Gotham Knight and Hogwarts Legacy would maintain their 2022 release date. God Of War Ragnarok is scheduled to release this year, but no release date has been set. It has been under development since 2018. Even since its title was revealed in 2020, the hype for the title has been high, further fueled by the 2021 gameplay reveal, pushing the anticipation to the extreme. According to my sources, Warner Bros. has been waiting to show off more of Hogwarts Legacy for the past couple of months, but Sony hasn’t allowed doing so yet. Following Horizon Forbidden West in February and Gran Turismo 7 in March, PlayStation doesn’t have any upcoming games for 2022, bar God of War Ragnarok. As such, it would make sense to reveal a new trailer for the game with the release date, which according to recent leaks, is set for June. It should be emphasized that the March 2022 event isn’t officially confirmed. However, based on the reputation of industry insiders, its certainty seems high.

Just last week, Sony announced that it would suspend sales of Gran Turismo 7 from the Russian PlayStation Store in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Despite everything, Sony is still set on airing its latest showcase in March.

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