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How to play sea battle 2 online with friends

How to play sea battle 2 online with friends

By daniele

“Sea Battle Multiplayer” is one of the most popular strategy games in the world. This app gives you three different ways to play.

Sea Battle Multiplayer is a classic game for two players, against the computer or friends worldwide. It is a popular strategic game where players need to save their ship before it sinks. First, you take a shot at your opponent’s battlefield at sea. If you miss, it is his turn. However, if you hit one of his ships, you can aim again until you sink his fleet. Finally, you aim to defeat your enemy, sinking his ships on the battlefield. It has the following three features:

  • Single-player: Play on your device against the computer and train your skills.
  • Local Multiplayer: Play with a friend on the same device.
  • Online Multiplayer: Chose someone from your friend list or play again with random strangers worldwide.

You can play as a guest, but we recommend you sign in to save your win record and have an opportunity to play from different devices. If you want to sign in, you need to enter your email address and password. Then, you need to enter a new password that DIFFERS from the mailbox mentioned at sign-in.

You can choose one of the four modes:

  • Classic “Russian” Sea Battle.
  • Classic mode with the superweapon. The superweapon can be either purchased or won in a lottery.
  • American Sea Battle differs between several ships and their composition and the move turn rules.
  • Salvo mode, where the number of shots equals the number of remaining ships, i.e., you may perform from one to five shots at one move.

The online multiplayer game has many great features for you:

There is also a “Friends” tab in the profile where you can find players you follow or would like to follow in the game. Then, you can send those messages from this menu and view their profiles.

  • For every time you win against someone, you will earn points
  • The more points your opponent has, the more points you will get for winning against him
  • Earn even more points to make it to the top of our global or national leaderboard.
  • While playing, chat with your opponent to analyze your moves or chitchat.


  • There is a help center in the game. 
  • Tapping the corresponding tab, you get the interactive explanation of how the ships should be placed. 
  • If you want to receive information on the rules of this or that model, please tap the “i” icon next to the mode symbol.


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