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How to Make a Character Designer in Scratch

How to Make a Character Designer in Scratch

By daniele

In the previous tutorial, you learn about stages and sprites. This tutorial will make a small animation for flying Bat sprite with a brick wall as a stage background.

Follow the following steps to make the character:

  1. First, set up the stage. 
  2. Select stage and import desired theme from the Background library form file menu.
  3. Choose the sprite from the library. 
  4. There a three ways to choose a new sprite: Paint a new sprite – allows you to use the paint editor to create your very own sprite. You can use a paintbrush, paint bucket, lines, circles and squares to create your sprite.
  5. New sprite – allows you to choose from sprites available from scratch. Double click on one of the categories to find a sprite you wish to use.
  6. Mystery sprite – Scratch will choose a random sprite for you.
  7. The next step is to program a Sprite :
  8. Programming a spirit begins with a control block chosen from your programming palette. 
  9. Click the green flag on the right side to begin the project. 
  10. Press the space bar to choose sprites. 
  11. Drag the control block to the grey scripts area.
  12. The next block will connect to this one like a puzzle piece.
  13. Motion blocks fall under the blue category. The sprite will move X steps. You can change the value whenever there is a fillable white area in a programming block. For example, ten steps can be changed to 25 steps.
  14. Glide x:___ y:____ The sprite will glide to a specified position in X seconds.
  15. Now comes the Looks blocks, which fall under the purple category of the programming palette. There are several blocks to control what you SEE the sprite say or how the sprite looks.
  16. Say “hello” for 2 seconds – allows you to program the sprite to give a word bubble that, “says” what you have typed. Because the white space is fillable, you can delete hello and type another message. 
  17. It looks category will let you Switch to costume – If you click on the “Costumes” tab beside the word “Scripts,” you will notice that some sprites have more than one costume.
  18. You can program the sprite to switch costumes. 
  19. Sound blocks fall under the fuchsia category and allow you to program the sprite to produce sounds or words you can hear. 
  20. Click on the “Sounds” tab beside the word “Costumes” to import or record a new sound. 
  21. Click Sounds import and then double click on one of the folders (animal, effects, human, etc.)

Your Animation is ready with desired features. 

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