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Highest-Grossing Arcade Games of All Time

Highest-Grossing Arcade Games of All Time

By daniele

According to the gaming software, until 2015, there was a list of highest-grossing arcade games, with some grossing more than $1 billion. 

Space Invaders One of the earliest arcade releases made overwhelming commercial success that no game could beat with the same formula. It put players in control of a ship trying to stop a horde of descending aliens. It was launched in Japan in June 1978; it did not take long for Space Invaders to become a cultural phenomenon, eventually selling 360,000 cabinets worldwide and generating over $2.7 billion in revenue. The Pac man released in 1980 has devoured more quarters than any other arcade game with maze-chase gameplay. The game’s goal was to eat all the dots in the maze, skipping four coloured ghosts. It made a huge success in the ’80s, with a whopping 400,000 cabinets sold.

Street fight II made a classical arcade history released in 1987. It is hard to think of another arcade classic that has managed to age quite as Street Fighter II has. The pinnacle of 2D fighting game, as a top-tier title in the competitive scene more than a quarter-century after its original release. According to estimates, Street Fighter II earned $2.3 billion in revenue at the Arcade alone and another $1.5 billion through home console ports.

Donkey Kong was having worth 13200 million cabinet sales and $280 million in revenue. It helped Nintendo break the platform genre into the American gaming market. This was also the first game created by legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who would create both Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

Asteroids revenue by 1991 worth $800 million. Asteroids thrust players into a threats-from-all-sides scenario featuring a unique forward momentum movement system like space invaders. Defender, Cabinets Sold 60, 000, Revenue by 1993 $1 billion.

Centipede cabinets sold, 55,988 had revenue of $115.65 million by 1991. Another classic arcade shooter where players stop a descending enemy from reaching the bottom of the screen with alien spaceships having a single centipede that can split into multiple centipedes.

Though with advancement in technology, arcades began dying off, they stopped being profitable. Malls started closing down the individually operated arcades, yet it is a golden spark to be remembered in video games history. 

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