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Gotta Protectors Cart of Darkness Let’s Protectorize Guys

Gotta Protectors Cart of Darkness Let’s Protectorize Guys

By daniele

Etro-throwback is popular. 2D pixel art, chiptune music, and pick-up-and-play are ageless. Have Protectors, a multiplayer overhead action/tower defence/real-time strategy hybrid with devoted fans. Have got Protectors: Cart of Darkness is a frenetically fun and strategic adventure alone or with up to three others.

Have got Protectors is a computer game fantasy realm where monster hordes constantly invade, endangering the kingdom. Princess Lola’s magical banner can cure and protect her subjects. But not herself. The Gotta Protectors are a group of warriors and weirdos whose job is to protect Lola. Lola must be protected since her shriek of frustration can destroy everything.

The cart of Darkness’ title suggests finding power-up gaming cartridges. These games have silly names based on popular titles and give your Protectors extra powers. It’s a cool feature, but even it involves grinding: cartridges only reach full power after achieving a few levels in battle, and finding them requires defining bizarre, random goals on each stage. It’s a funny tribute to the insane things older games made you do to get secrets, but it’s annoying if you want to find and upgrade all the carts. Having Gotta Protectors can get too hectic: I’ve failed maps because I accidentally pushed Lola out of her stronghold while fending off foes with magic and projectiles.

  • Have got Protectors is fun, challenging, and unique in single-player and online/couch-team multiplayer.
  • Goofy comedy, old-school aesthetics and soundtrack, and unique gameplay make it hard to put down. 
  • Even if you mess up and Lola’s shouting destroys everything, you’ll want to try again with what you’ve learned about the map. Have Gotta Protectors is unique; join Lola’s security team.

But Protectors is fun, challenging, and different, despite some problems. This is true for both single-player and online or couch-team multiplayer. It has a mix of silly humour, old-school graphics and music, and exciting gameplay that makes it hard to put down. Even if you mess up badly and Lola’s screaming destroys everything, you’ll want to go back in with what you’ve learned about the map and try again to get it right this time. Have Gotta Protectors is the only game like it on the market, so you’d be wise to join Lola’s security team.


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