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God of War Ragnarok review

God of War Ragnarok review

By daniele

This game brings writing, acting and music that undoubtedly gives a special touch to the whole game, also brings to life this broad nordic style, which together with the emotion of the game makes it a very entertaining game.

Game story

Here we find Kratos’ story picking up a few years after 2018’s final God of War revelations, and so the game unfolds with events revolving around his son Atreus as one of Odin’s ravens. In the story it is seen how Atreus is growing, being much stronger, however, in this game the first step for this new journey is to leave the frozen kingdom of Midgard and find a lost Norse god in the wider and more varied universe.

God of War Ragnarok Preview

Although the story is not completely like the first part in 2018, we find that Ragnarok has much better designs, during the game the whole story is found, with each character being important for the development of it.


Throughout the game, both old and new characters play their own crucial roles, including fresh characterizations of Norse giants like Thor and Odin. Likewise, for example, the character of Kratos has many interesting characteristics, from his personality, his voice, which is interpreted by Christopher Judge, the dialogues and the physique that the character shows, in this way we can also see that in Ragnarok there is an exploration of the rawest and most human emotions in the characters throughout the history of the game.


Another character found in this sequel is Freya, who is no longer just a helpful witch in the forest, she now has a much deeper spectrum, making Ragnarok that much better. In the same way, each of the characters has an important place in the story, Atreus, Mimir, Angrboda, Týr, and even the foul-mouthed Brok and the scared Sindri.

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We can observe that the cinematic nature of Ragnarok has many new things, but still the continuous camera shot style of the 2018 reboot is maintained, it also has layered writing, as well as flawless acting and the impressive set design.

A Song of Ice and Fire

Many of the things that can be found in the game can look quite familiar, and some things remain the same, however, there are many expectations that have been included in the process, for example Kratos’s ax slices, which smash at enemies, making them bend like bloody origami.


The violence found in the game is a lot, with threats and enemies everywhere, in the same way, the game collects many things and features from previous games and even being in a battle and playing with the ax feels very similar, but a modern touch is included that gives more emotion to all the action that is experienced in the game.


The weapons have new tricks to be able to attack the enemies in each of the battles, from axes, blades, arrows and even shields. There are also plenty of character activities and abilities, for example Hades Retribution, which with a fiery stab places a bomb on an enemy’s ribcage, is particularly fun to put into action in battle. Also, the jumps and turns make the game feel lighter, this way you can make easier maneuvers to attack the enemy.


The attacks, battles and fights feel quite real, as well as the attacks of the enemies are now much more powerful and with a great variety that you should be aware of. But just as the attacks of the enemies are more powerful, the ones of the character you are playing with are also more powerful, there are many attacks that you can use in combat, with abilities that are very innovative.


Ragnarok has plenty of options to change builds and armor to your liking, plus there’s a new skill token system that encourages experimentation, where you can add damage, stun, elemental, and other boosts to any unlocked skill.

Realms Reborn

The designs of the new and old kingdoms are quite special, so much so that they look like fairy tales, because they have a lot of large flora and fauna. For example, there’s the rocky kingdom of Svartalfheim, where at the center is the dwarven city of Nidavellir that has a change of scenery from the countryside, with its many houses and tunnels. We can also see that each of the locations that are in the game feel like a puzzle box, and as you discover something you can progress in the story and in the game.


God of War Ragnarok has a lot of action and adventure, which together make this game a work of art, respecting its legendary lineage, this sequel includes new and exciting places for all players.


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