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F1 22 review New race cars shine supercars are useless

F1 22 review New race cars shine supercars are useless

By daniele

One of the best things about F1 22 is how many options it gives the player. Even though the menu is made up of tiles that can be hard to understand, anyone can change the game to their liking. You can do 16 race championships, build your team with sliders that give you a boost or a disadvantage, choose your racing style, and change the many bits of help. These things will help you enjoy the game and focus on driving the new ’22 cars.


When it is your turn to drive, the game is at its most exciting. If you could drive the F2 cars in last year’s game, this year would be very similar. The cars almost feel the same, but that’s not bad because they were much easier to control, and you could get into the racing without worrying about burning the back and spinning out.


Changes to the tracks have significantly impacted how it feels to drive on them. Along with Miami, the changes to the track layouts in Australia, Spain, and Abu Dhabi are all there. Surprisingly, though, none of the other circuits has been changed. In places like Singapore and Monaco, kerbing has been changed, so you can no longer jump over them. Instead, you have to ground out on them and get sent out wide. Especially in the last sector, Singapore’s corners are known for doing this, but it’s not about punishing the player. Monza’s Ascari and Monaco’s Swimming Pool sections are now easier to run through if you hit a curb.


Multiplayer is also pretty much the same. Stability seems to have been more of a focus than significant changes or new features, which is great because the previous games had many problems with connection drops.


There are a few issues with the visuals, including clipping and team badges, among other things. Other players have also had problems with their Thrustmaster wheels, but as I type this, I see fewer problems than in past launches.


I would recommend F1 22. The experience on the track has only improved, especially now that AI has improved, and it’s exciting to race with Verstappen in the rain at Spa in a 50/50 race. The problem is that the main new features, like supercars and F1 life, don’t add much to the game. F1 life may only exist to give people another reason to buy microtransactions. F1 life is where EA’s influence is evident, but you can easily ignore it as you get into a race day at Silverstone.


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