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Evil Dead The Game Review

Evil Dead The Game Review

By daniele

Evil Dead: The Game is a faithful recreation that pays tribute to the iconic horror series in many ways many people are not so subtle. You can visit well-known locations such as The Knowby Cabin, use boomsticks and chainsaw prostheses, battle a possessed severed hand, play as your favourite cast member, or lead armies of Deadites as the Kandarian Demon, the antagonist of the series. They made the first-person, off-axis camera effect a trademark of Sam Raimi’s movie directing style. But none of these things makes the game very good, and they certainly don’t make it stand out in a subgenre that is becoming more popular.


As a Survivor, you have to deal with two different systems. First, by scavenging in abandoned places, you must find essential things like health, ammunition, and shields. The first is a simple flashlight whose batteries will run out at some point. The lamp lights the path ahead, making it easier to move through dark areas. It also shines a light on hidden items, like special ammo, that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. I like this mechanic because it makes players think about how they use light and gives them something to worry about if they run out of battery. You have to plan how you use light because the Survivors’ fear level goes up when they are in the dark or away from their teammates. This makes them more likely to be possessed by a demon and creates an exciting game of cat and mouse between them and the other player.


Being a Survivor is fun with the right teammates, but Evil Dead: The Game is hard to recommend if you want to play as the Kandarian Demon all by yourself. As the bad guy in the game, you choose which of the three demon armies you want to control and then use their unique skills and units to kill the team of Survivors or stop them from banishing you. The Puppeteer army is good at using electricity, telekinesis, and better controlling things. The Deadite Henrietta Knowby is in charge of the Warlord army, which uses brute force and poison gas to win close fights. Lastly, Evil Ash is a fan-favourite villain in charge of the Necromancer army. He is good at summoning, strengthening, and bringing dead minions to life. Each army has its way of playing, so it’s fun to try out different strategies from match to match.


The good news is that my minor complaints can be fixed in future updates. However, the game is a mess when it comes out. Developer Saber Interactive’s dedication to fan service is admirable, and even the most dedicated Evil Dead fans will enjoy this game. But it’s hard to see what keeps the rest of us interested.

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