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Elden Ring Review Death Of The Wild

Elden Ring Review Death Of The Wild

By daniele

Review of Elden Ring: I beat Godrick after 15 hours of playing. Between going into the Lands Between and killing him, I went through crumbling ruins, dark caves, enemy camps, and challenging boss fights. Gaming has always made you feel small. People say you’re a cursed mouse or an Undead, which makes you feel like you’re not even good enough for cinders. As you move through harsh environments, your ego gets broken down. Elden Ring is like From Software’s Soulsborne games in that it has tense combat and a mysterious atmosphere, but it is even better because it is an open-world game. After I killed Godrick, I was reminded of how small I was and how big the task ahead of me was.


The Elden Ring is the best world that From Software has ever made. It has an extensive, detailed, and full of options open world, but that’s not what makes it stand out. It’s more about how the company used strange design ideas to make something new, elegant, and uniquely From Software. Action and role-playing are the main parts of the game, but there is more freedom to explore than ever before. The open-world game Elden Ring is one of a kind. From Software’s skillful combination of highs and lows, tension buildup and release, and the fun of freeform exploration and discovery make for an exciting game.


Elden Ring leads the player with light touches. The Lands Between is entirely open, so you can walk or ride a horse through it. It is run by five Elden Lords, each of whom has a piece of the Elden Ring. A Tarnished wants to fight these corrupt lords, take their shards, and pose as an Elden Lord in front of Eritrea. After a short cutscene that explains the idea, you are free to go wherever you want in the realm.


Elden Ring is a challenging game, just like everything else From Software has made before. This is mainly because the bosses are challenging and because the player has a lot of freedom in the game. Because of this, it’s easy to get lost and end up in places where it’s hard to get around. But you can still ride to Caelid, which looks like something from Bloodborne, or Caria Manor, where the enemies are so scary that I almost jumped out of my chair in fear. As a player and a character, you should look at the situation and decide if you should go back to the area or keep making your character and come back later.


When I first started playing Elden Ring, some people, like me, fell hopelessly in love with the thrill of being brutally killed for hours on end and then coming out on top, even if hurt and bruised. If you’re ready to risk and go into a dangerous cave full of scary monsters to get a few crafting supplies, other people will think you’re wasting your time. But the approach is brave, which is something that should be praised.


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