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Disney Mirrorverse Review – Shattered Dreams

Disney Mirrorverse Review – Shattered Dreams

By daniele

At first glance, Disney Mirrorverse looks and sounds like an action figure-playing child making up a story on the spot. Characters from all over Disney’s library, heroes and villains, come together to fight an evil force threatening the whole world. These characters aren’t like they usually are. Instead of acting as they do in kids’ movies, they have a little more edge. 


It’s a brave and exciting choice, something this group of characters has never done before, and the fact that this world even exists is exciting. Reflection takes risks, but the novelty of the concept is overshadowed by microtransactions, in-game purchases, and a convoluted levelling system. This might have been the start of a new era for Disney, but instead, it’s simply another dull smartphone game. Fractured are becoming more potent in the Mirrorverse setting of the action-RPG Disney Mirrorverse.


You fight these hordes by putting together teams of three heroes called Guardians from the roster of 44 characters. Every 44 characters fit into one of four archetypes: Melee, Ranged, Support, or Tank. Their archetype determines how they fight. These classes are standard: Melee Guardians use swords and other hand-held weapons. Ranged heroes use magic and projectiles. Tanks stand in front of the enemy and take damage while taking care of their allies. 


Crystals, Disney Mirrorverse’s version of loot boxes, is how you get new Guardians. You can earn Crystals by playing the game and buying them with in-game and real-world money. Crystals come in various shapes and sizes, with some emphasizing particular Guardians or guaranteeing a specific level of achievement. Loot boxes can be purchased and opened in the game store, just like a loot box.


As a longtime Disney fan, I can’t express enough how fascinating it is to view these beloved characters in a new light. Belle from Beauty and the Beast comes out of the library as a powerful mage with a staff powered by the magic rose. Gaston, the lousy guy opposite her, has a giant bow and a wolf skin that goes over his shoulders like a Game of Thrones wildling. 


The friendly bear Baloo dresses up like he did in TaleSpin from Disney Afternoon and fights with a giant plane propeller. Not all characters have designs that are so different from the original. Elsa, for example, is an elemental who controls ice, but even those that don’t go as far from the original have their charm. Go to GameSpot to read more.


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