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Cult of Lamb review

Cult of Lamb review

By daniele

The best of 2022

This game is amazing and cool. Cult of the Lamb begins with a lamb being offered as a sacrifice to satisfy the hunger of a handful of arcane gods, who resemble the parasites that probably live within the folds of Lord Cthulhu’s tentacles. Then, in order to receive power, you must do the bidding of a god that looks supernatural, you must also kill the gods that try to devour you on the way.

Later, when you already have freedom, you can have enough power to recruit some members to your cult and in this way use the power of their faith in order to strengthen yourself to kill the four gods that exist.

Being a god is hard

To start the game you have a base and you have to start working to fill it with as many followers as you can, and these followers need a lot of other comforts that only you can give them, since if you can only levitate in the air with blood pouring from your eyes, shouting: “Be not afraid”, that is not enough for the followers.


For your followers to believe and trust you as a god, it is very important to satisfy their needs, from their care, to feeding them and even cleaning them, because if you do not meet their needs, they will get angry, and the idea is that they have all their faith in you. However, this is all up to you, because as a god you can make these forest creatures have all their faith in you and be good to them, while you take care of them and make them happy, or you can also take away all their faith by being a cold god.


As a god in the game you can choose which path to take and the life you want to give to your followers. There is the option that you can change the appearance of the creatures and even their names, but this depends on you and the “belief” you want to have in the game.


In the same way you can give each of the creatures a role, for example, you can make them harvest the resources you need to build more buildings and decorations, also if at any time you want to make changes you can do it, for example, move a building to another place, in order to create your perfect place for your followers and meet their needs to make them happy.


That was half of what you find in the game, now the other half is more of a roguelike, there you can find dungeons, each of these with three mini-bosses and a final boss that represents the four gods that tried to sacrifice you. You will have to fight against them and in each race, you receive a weapon and a spell, likewise, as you go through the dungeons you will acquire more followers, cards that help you improve your abilities and also construction materials.


The fights and battles are so much fun that you can even go back to the dungeons when they are alone and fight with tougher monsters and in this way you can get bigger rewards.


In Cult of the Lamb you can do many things, you can take care of your followers, also do activities in your camp, then if you need more items you can fight in the dungeons and also get more skills. In short, it is a game that you can enjoy a lot and have a lot of fun.

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