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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II review

By daniele

Once again we have a familiar and varied combat style in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game, the adjustment and progression of weapons is flexible, and it brings an approach that, despite being quite similar to others, is different in several aspects, making it different and easy to play. This multiplayer game is quite solid, the teams in charge of working on this game have managed to make it more and more perfect and this year the game brings many improvements, its weapons are different and with handling that makes the experience unique.

It has quite a few options that help to adjust a weapon depending on the style you carry in the game, or even to experiment and have good attack results during the game, also, as the game progresses you can unlock new weapons, in this case if You want a specific weapon, you will most likely have to level up to get it.


The biggest change that can be seen in the Call of Duty game this year is the weapon system, which is much more flexible. The traditional system of placing up to five mods on your weapons to suit your play style has been changed, which may change your perception of the traditional game a bit. However, you can configure your weapons depending on what you need and want to do, for example you can increase the speed of your sights down, or even increase aim stability at the expense of walking speed while aiming, this allows you can customize your weapon as you like.

Modus Operandi

The Modern Warfare 2 game still retains the free-for-all deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, and also includes new ways to play. For example, a novelty that can be found is Prisoner Rescue, which is very similar to VIP Escort from the Cold War, but this time you carry or kill prisoners.


There are also two favorite game modes, there’s Groundwar, which has five different capture points on its massive maps for 32-player teams to fight and helps players meet objectives. On the other hand there is Invasion, this mode is basically Team Death Match with 20v20 teams accumulating kills, which also include AI controlled soldiers that occupy a large part of the maps.


Even though the maps are quite solid and provide a great gaming experience, random graphical glitches do happen from time to time, for example, the frame rate on large maps dropped and can’t be shot, or there is fast flickering on the maps as well and you can see the desktop for a little while.


There are three different scenarios in which you can play together with a friend, and they have three missions in each scenario, the first of these is “Low profile”, which is the favorite of many, it makes you recover information and escape from the darkness; then there is “Area Denied”, there you must steal vehicles to get to the surface-to-air missile batteries that you need to take out; finally there is the third scenario, with the mission “Defend Mt. Zaya”, here you must survive several waves of the same AI, while playing in Invasion mode.


Again this year there’s skill matchmaking, there’s the SBMM system (Sierra Bravo Mike-Mike) which is a system that ensures you only play matches against people at or near your current skill level, which in a way This mode is great because you can play with someone who has a similar level to you and not some player with a higher level and much more developed skills. For this reason, the restarts are better, since with more victories you can level up and play with other participants as good as you.


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