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10 Hardest Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

10 Hardest Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

By daniele

The DLC gives players access to Master Rank quests along with the new monsters. With these brutal fights, monsters that seemed easy in the past will become steep mountains for both new and old players. But these ten monsters are still the hardest to beat in the whole game.


10 Shagaru Magala

The Shagaru Magala is wyvern. It is an evolved form of Gore Magala and one of the last bosses in 4 Ultimate. Both of these hunts are best done with a whole group of hunters.


9 Lucent Nargacuga

One of the most brutal fights in rising’s base game is against the standard Nargacuga. With the Lucent Nargacuga, players will get a second chance to use this Flying Wyvern in Sunbreak. This version was first seen in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. In August 2022, a patch will add it to Sunbreak.


8 Changeables

Other monsters in Sunbreak besides the Lucent Nargacuga can also turn invisible. Chameleons, an Elder Dragon, is also known to spit poison and steal things from players. Even in Monster Hunter Rise’s base game, it can be hard to catch a Chameleos if you aren’t ready.


7 Teostra

Some monsters, especially in Rise, are hard to fight without giving you much in return. When it comes to Teostra, though, that couldn’t be less true. This Elder Dragon looks like a lion and has intense Fire and Blast attacks and a set of armour and weapons that every hunter should try to make if they can.


6 Kushala Daora

Along with Teostra and Chameleons, this icy Elder Dragon completes the group. Even in High-Rank quests, the Kushala Daora can be challenging, so hunters in Sunbreak should be careful about facing it in Master Rank. But if you have the right weapons and plans, this fight can go from being stressful to something you can handle.


5 Thunder Serpent Narwa

Some hunters can have exhilarating fights with Elder Dragons like Narwa. Sunbreak hunters will have the upper hand here since players can’t get to the DLC expansion until they’ve beaten the Thunder Queen, who controls their minds. Still, it is just as hard to deal with in Sunbreak as in the original game.


4 Magnamalo Was Put Down

In the Sunbreak DLC expansion, many of the monsters from the base game of Rising have become much more challenging. One is Magnamalo, who can fight pretty hard on his own. The Scorned Magnamalo, on the other hand, will be much harder to beat, even if you unlock it at HR 100.


3 Red Glow Valstrax

Valtrex made its first appearance in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, where it was one of the most formidable enemies to fight. Crimson Glow Valstrax, its mutant form, was added to Rising in a patch. But it may still be a new fight for many hunters since you can’t fight it in the base game until you reach HR 100.


2 Furious Rajang

Rajang is one of the most brutal monsters to hunt in the Monster Hunter series. Its standard form does much damage with Thunder, so it shouldn’t be surprising that its aggressive form, Furious Rajang, is even scarier. Players won’t have to face this monster until they beat Sunbreak, which is a good thing.


1 Malzeno

The mascot monster for this DLC expansion will be one of the game’s most significant fights. Bloodblight is a new blight that comes with Malzeno. It drains HP and makes healing items less effective. Let’s just say hunters must be at their best for this hunt.


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