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10 Best Consoles Of The 90s

10 Best Consoles Of The 90s

By daniele

The 1990s was a great decade for the video game console market. So much progress was made from where we started in 1990 and ended in 1999. Those years saw the rise of video game consoles that surpassed previous generations’ 8-bit. Sure, 80s consoles were impressive, but consoles of the 90s are overwhelmingly more popular. Remakes of 90s consoles can be purchased by retro gamers today.

SEGA CDIt had a CD ROM player that added cd quality audio, music, and voice-over. You could also listen to the music on a CD if you put it inside the Sega CD (which was a big deal). The Sega CD did have good games “Sonic CD” The Hedgehog games, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Sewer Shark, and Night Trap, which changed the video games race. 


The 32X invention was doomed to fail from the beginning. Yet the system did have some interesting features. The controller had a six-button layout; shoulder buttons g=best for fighting games. Sega Saturn had built-in memory for saving data until your battery was alive. It had big popular franchises like Night into Dreams, Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon, and Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, Burning Rangers, and Virtua Cop.


The Dreamcast was released as the last console from Sega. It was the first console to embrace online play truly, and it had quite a few Sega hits. The Dreamcast had four controller ports like the N64. The main reason for the Dreamcast’s failure is that the fan base for Sega felt like the one they were misled and this led to fewer units being sold. Dreamcast was also able to match the graphics and sound we would see in arcade cabinets


The Super Nintendo (Super Famicom in Japan) is the best Nintendo console released in the 1990s. The SNES controller had two extra face buttons, two triggers on top of the controller, an eject button.


The PlayStation was originally going to be an add-on for the Super Nintendo. This was the Launchpad for Sony’s popular home console lineup that continues today. The original controller had four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks, and a D-Pad with a select and start button. 


This console referred to the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis as baby toys. With boasted. This 3DO boasted their graphic capabilities, handling Full Motion Video in their games, and good quality. Some downfall was only one game was available during launch and the price point was twice as much as the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The console gave birth to a little racing game called “The Need for Speed”, “Road Rash”. 


Nintendo’s Game Boy Color is one of the most revolutionary and meaningful handheld systems in video game history. Being able to play a video game console in your hands was never fully realized until the release of the original Game Boy. Years after the release of the first iteration of the Game Boy, a smaller version of the system that displayed color was released. It was named the “Game Boy Color.” It is worth noting that not all games released on the Game Boy Color were compatible with Game Boy. However, the Game Boy did pave the way for the release of the Game Boy Color.


The Advanced Entertainment System, an arcade at home. SNK’s home console was a powerhouse. The console had the power of a VMS arcade unit, with full arcade sticks, a home console to offer a memory card. The card could store about 50 games. Neo Geo has always been known for its fighters, like KOF, Samurai Showdown. It was expensive. The machine alone was 600 dollars US and about $200 for the games.

Nintendo 64

The N64 was the only console at the time to have its controllers come in a wide range of colors at launch. The controller had a six-button layout with the A button, B button, and C buttons. There was an analogue stick and a D-Pad. Super Smash Bros had their first game on the Nintendo 64. 

The Atari Jaguar 

Atari was a 32-bit console with a 64-bit object processor. This company was a leading force in the video game industry during the 70s and 80s, well recognized for creating arcade games, computers, and video game consoles. One of their most peculiar and controversial products was the Atari Jaguar. Atari claimed to have the most advanced console, but they upset potential customers and were forced to merge with JT Storage.

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